Only natives.

We specialize in growing plants indigenous to the glaciated tallgrass region of Nebraska and Kansas. We grow local ecotype plants and seed to increase the longterm stability of the people, animals, and plants who live here.

Local ecotype native plants have local ancestry. Previous generations developed the qualities needed to thrive in their given ecoregion. Our seed sources are the prairie remnants, untilled pastures, and woodlands of eastern Nebraska and Kansas. It would be simple to purchase seed from growers in other parts of the US, but the resulting plants could lack the ability to flourish here in the dramatic climate of the middle prairies.


Choosing locally sourced seed also engages us in assisting local 

landowners in preserving prairie and building relationships.


Because local seed is precious, growing a healthy plant is a priority. Our propagation systems (Ray Leach Cone-tainers & RootMaker) prioritize root development. These systems direct the seedling to funnel energy into the root system immediately, akin to the natural development of most prairie species. We use a reduced-peat mix with local soil inoculants, and add non-synthetic fertilizer to reduce heat stress. The substance of the root system shows in the first year of growth.


Our mission is to serve land,  neighbors, and resources with care. To accomplish this we are committed to six tenets:

  1. Rematriate seed to the sovereign Indigenous Peoples of the prairies.

  2. Prioritize childhood education in ecology and natural systems.

  3. Collect wild seed within ethical parameters to maintain a healthy population and seed bank.

  4. Pay a living wage. 

  5. Continually reduce consumption of non-renewable resources.

  6. Teach the cultural, culinary, and medicinal uses of native plants.

Laura Dell-Haro


My work and education history is, admittedly, eclectic:

I worked as a magazine editor in Topeka, directed a children's garden in Cincinnati, catered for a couple of years in Indiana, cleaned a lot of houses, planted a lot of gardens, read a lot of books, and earned an undergrad degree in Peace Studies. In 2015 we seized the opportunity to return to my childhood home in Nebraska and start this nursery. Returning to my old, drafty house and re-learning these prairies is a decade-long dream, realized. 


Our name comes from the conviction that prairie restoration is only complete when keystone fauna species are integrated.  

Castor canadensis played a truly formative role in the development of nearly every major ecosystem found in North America, including the treeless prairie. Beavers clean water, raise water tables, develop and maintain biodiverse ecosystems, stabilize stream banks, mitigate both flooding and drought, and sequester carbon.

We're ambitious about ecosystem restoration, but in comparison to our rodent friends we're just "little beavers," still learning.

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