2020 Sale Days 

This year we are open to the public certain weekends in May, June and September.

We are open to appointments anytime between April and October.


  • Saturday the 23rd;  10AM to 5PM

  • Sunday the 24th; Noon to 5PM


  • Saturday the 13th;  10AM to 5PM

  • Sunday the 14th; Noon to 5PM


  • Saturday the 12th; 10AM to 5PM

  • Sunday the 13th; Noon to 5PM

  Retail Ordering and Terms

For pickup at our sales, retail orders can be placed between April 1st and 26th, and again between August 1st and 31st. Please email us with the species you want and which sizes and quantity you would like of each, along with your contact information. Please look over our availability and price list before sending your order. 

A 25 percent deposit is required to hold orders worth $120 or more. Purchase of more than two trays, or 196 plugs, will qualify you for our wholesale rates. Plug trays can be a mix of species at any price point, as all plugs are priced individually. Square and round pots do not qualify for wholesale pricing. A specific date and time during the sale will be scheduled for your pickup.

You are not required to pre-order to attend our sales. Please come! 

  Container Sizes

Our retail native plants come in a 5.5-inch and 8.25-inch plug (our standard), and several larger square and round pots. Not all plants are available at every plug and pot size. While many customers purchase smaller quantities of plugs, we provide estimates for your reference:


A 98-cell tray of our smallest, lowest priced plug is $171.50. 

A 98-cell tray of our largest, highest priced plug is $367.50. 


Note: Our plug trays and cones are made to be reused for many years. They are recyclable (#5), but we'd appreciate having them back within a month or two for reuse. We'll arrange with you to return them on your next trip to the nursery or pick them up from your home. We are testing biodegradable pots in different sizes, but do not yet have them available. 


Full payment is due at pickup. We accept cash and checks. 


We guarantee accuracy of identification and that the plants you purchase are healthy and hydrated when they leave our nursery. We will also provide instruction on how to remove plants from plugs without damaging the root, and Nebraska or Kansas county origin for any plant. If you discover a problem with your plants when arriving home, please contact us with your concerns right away.

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