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Our stock lists are categorized by forbs (wildflowers) that prefer sun or shade and moist or well-drained soils. Many plants defy categorization, but some are specialists.
Each plant profile also details the site conditions where the seed was collected to better account for provenance and assess possible behavior in your landscape.

SUN    -    SHADE    -    DRY    -    WET    -    GRASS, SEDGE & RUSH    -    SHRUB & VINE

Please Note: We take hiatus from all sales in August when weather inhibits successful planting.
We strive to guard our seed resources well and to produce a diversity of plant material every year. Many years our collection populations have healthy seed development, but there are some seasons with none at all. We keep some rare species in production but do not list them all. 
Let us know if you are looking for a species not in stock.
Seed is available to wholesale accounts. If you are looking for raw, untested seed of any of the species noted in our availability list send us a note with "SEED" in the subject line.

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