Wholesale Ordering

We offer wholesale rates to landscape designers and architects, nonprofit organizations, contractors, individuals ordering 196+ plugs, and custom-grow clients. To inquire or make an order send us an email including the following information: species; container size; quantities; estimate of when you require the plant material; pickup or delivery preference; and your business or non-profit contact information. We will get back to you with our plant availability for that date, a quote for the material and delivery, and answer any questions you may have.


Little Beaver Nursery will honor quotes for 10 business days. After quote confirmation and order, any cancellations will exact a 25 percent restocking fee. Full payment is due at pickup or upon invoice. We accept cash and checks.  

  Container Sizes & Pricing

Our wholesale native plants come in Ray Leach “Cone-tainer”™ single-cell plugs, SC7, 5.5-inch and SC10, 8.25-inch plug (our standard). Orders of RL plugs can be made in any combination of species, size, or price-point. No minimum plug or tray requirement per species. 

(Please note: Ray Leach tubes are meant to be reused for many years. They are recyclable, but we'd appreciate having them back within a month or two of installation. We will arrange with you for return or pickup.)


We also sell select species in the Deepots D40, 10-inch container, and the RootMaker®  RM1 pot (primarily shrubs). Not all plants are available at every size. Dimensions and volume are listed below. Please check our wholesale availability and price list(above) before sending your order.


SC10 - 8.25" x 1.5", volume of 10 cu. in.

SC7 - 5.5" x 1.5", volume of 6.5 cu. in.

D40 - 10" x 2.5", volume of 40 cu. in.  

RM1 - 7.5" x 6.5", volume of .8 gallon


For reference:

A full 98-cell tray of our smallest, lowest price plug is $122.50.

A full 98-cell tray of our largest, highest price plug is $259.70.

  Pickup, Delivery, & Hours

Wholesale customers can pick up orders by appointment from Monday to Saturday between 9AM and 5PM. Delivery is free within a 10 mile radius of our Lilac Road location and .60 cents a road mile thereafter up to 100 miles (200 miles roundtrip). Call to inquire about delivery for longer distances or orders exceeding 2,000 plugs. 

  Custom Growing

If you would like to order a single species in quantities of 300 or more, please contact us well in advance. We typically know seed availability by November each year, but can custom harvest seed for most species if notified by May. If you are looking for a rare or uncommon species please ask. We do grow some plants for conservation, but they are not all listed. Our contract for custom growing is available upon request. 


We guarantee accuracy of identification and that the plants you purchase are healthy and hydrated when they leave our nursery. We will also provide instruction on how to remove plants from plugs without damaging the root, and the county origin (NE or KS) for any plant. If you discover a problem with your plants the day or day after purchase, please contact us with your concerns immediately.


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